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PPC for Seasonal Business

So the ‘Spring’ is coming to an end and the assault of the Winter is about to begin. Since winter is knocking at the door, it is quite evident that people will be spending more money on jackets, scarves and other types of warm cloths than on sunscreen etc. For those who are into marketing, new season always throws up new challenges as well as new opportunities.  

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How to Prevent Your Content Marketing from Failing?

Content marketing is an ongoing process and therefore, it is no wonder that most marketers look into it than overlook it. Online content marketing is one of the most powerful forms of marketing in the current times and is definitely one of the easiest ways through which you can draw huge traffic. Even though for plenty of small and brand new businesses, content marketing might seem hard, it can’t be denied that it has always contributed to driving action. As a result, conversion on the site improves.  

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5 Types of Content That Trigger Panda Penalty

Remember the times when the very mention of Panda update was enough to terrorize the hapless webmasters. People were clueless how to make their website panda proof and to make the matter worse, some webmasters started posting panda recovery tips that had nothing to do with the recovery or whatsoever.

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The Importance of Right URL Structure

Those of you who are into Onsite SEO Audit are well aware of the fact that poor URL structure can throw a spanner in on the entire optimization effort. But creating a perfect URL structure is not that hard. But surprisingly people and even sometimes marketers struggle to create a perfect URL structure for their websites. Try the following tips to create a perfect URL structure for a website –

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How Can Make Google Love Your Affiliate Website?

Okay, let’s accept the fact that most of the marketers cringe at the very thought of marketing an affiliate website. We simply can’t blame them because of the bad reputation of affiliate websites. Most of the affiliate websites that we encounter on the web has the following features – low quality content, bad structure of the website and the purpose behind these affiliate website is just to earn some money.

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Art of Writing off Topic Posts with Right Focus On Blogging!

Having a focused blog is important and the ones who are savvy bloggers know that in the current scenario, it is a big deal. Ensuring that all you are writing for or on your blog is specific as well as relevant to your niche market makes sense. Posting contents that seem to hold less importance may partially or completely dilute the focus of your blog. You may still choose to write on topics that may not be relevant to your niche site but may very well be related to your market as a whole.

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E-mail Tip For Trash To Cash

With a lots of e-mails flooding the Inbox, the chances are that your e-mail related to the marketing is likely to get deleted, and can find a secured place in the trash, till the next automated clean-up permanently deletes that as well.

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What Are the Alternatives to Like-Gating on Facebook?

Before we get into answering the above question, let us try and understand what like-gating on Facebook is all about. Like-gating refers to that situation where a user is forcibly required to like a page even if he has not liked that page. The conversion from dislike to like happens when the user intends to view the content that is displayed on the page. This entire process has essentially two benefits. First, one gets to see more Facebook likes on his page. Second, this creates an upsurge of traffic on the page of the social media marketer.

Facebook has announced that they will withdraw this feature of like-gating. Whereas this is good for the users, this clearly throws the social media marketers at a disadvantage. Here’s how that apparent roadblock can be overcome and thereby sustain engagement and growth of audience on Facebook.

Paid Advertising in the News Feed of Facebook

It is common knowledge that irrespective of user experience, he or she need not necessarily remain hooked on to one’s Facebook page. Users spend most of their times in the news feed. Hence, as long as one is willing to spend money for obtaining relevant exposure and creating necessary engagement, reaching out to potential consumers is even easier. And this way, one can reach Facebook users wherever they are active and not necessarily on one’s page. So a little money, can effectively, increase traffic and potential conversions exponentially. Facebook advertisements remain an affordable means to increase audience base. These advertisements can multiply downloads of mobile applications, renew engagement levels with existing customers, reach out to new customers and can help with placing personalized social content to the target audience.

Contests and Promotions

A classic alternative to like-gating is to run promotions and contests on one’s Facebook page. Whereas there is no compulsion in this case, the content of such promotional material could be exciting enough for the viewer to participate. As and when a visitor uploads his own content through the promotion form, he also makes it available for his entire community to see one’s page. This also implies a genuine user generating traffic and posting positive likes on one’s Facebook page. Effectively, this means more eyeballs for one’s page.

Concept of Form-Gating

Instead of like-gating, one can choose to use form-gating. Here, Facebook users are required to enter details in a form before they can enter one’s Facebook page to view or listen to something. It’s different than a contest; as here there is nothing for the user except for sharing details. However, once the user posts the details, the mechanism is similar to running contests and promotions. One can then use such information to social campaigns, specific to target audience. The trick is to keep the form simple as too many fields may turn away the users. It is to be kept in mind that bare minimum information need to be collected; as otherwise no social media campaign can take off.

Facebook on Mobile – Feed Optimization

As the digital divide narrows, more and more users access Facebook only through their mobiles. So it is essential that Facebook feed for mobiles is optimised to deliver a superb experience. The intention here is to ensure that the experience of one’s page that the customers are experiencing though Facebook is to be of the highest order. For this, not only one’s own page is important, he also needs to take care of the various links that are referred to on his page. Mobile friendly tabs and applications will make more and more people access one’s Facebook page.


Like-gating on Facebook is coming to an end; but that doesn’t mean the end of Facebook advertising. There are methods available; some paid and some relying on original and smart ideas to engage with new customers. A judicious mix of all these concepts will only help businesses grow.

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YouTube Growth – How to Grow Your You Tube Channel

The objective of all kinds of social media marketing efforts is to drive traffic and thereby, increase conversions. As competition and hence, complexities grow, new channels of delivery emerge to take contents to the end subscriber. Success lies in utilizing all the new channels to their full potential; thereby ensuring reach and communication to a wider subscriber base.

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