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We look at over 600 metrics that we know Google use to rank websites to check whether your website shows positive signals to their algorithm bots which crawl your website.

There are 5 tabs below this one, giving you the most important 5 tips to ensure you follow Google’s best practice. These are unique to your website. Please click the tab titles to view the recommendation in more detail.

Below the 5 tabs is a copy of the full audit. You will need the password we sent you via email to access the full audit.

The home page of the website is accessible via four different URLs:





This essentially means that the content of your homepage is duplicated 4 times. This is a pretty big deal. We suggest specifying one URL as the canonical to fix this issue.

For the above situation, we suggest selecting this url -http://www.amosunglasses.com/ and add a canonical tag within the header code of all other homepage variants.

Once the above is completed the next issue is that all the pages of the website are accessible via two different versions. One with the www version and another without www version. We suggest redirecting all non www version of the pages to their with www version via 301 permanent redirection.

http://amosunglasses.com/snowstorm should be redirected to http://www.amosunglasses.com/snowstorm

http://amosunglasses.com/ should be redirected to http://www.amosunglasses.com/

We didn’t find an XML sitemap on the site. Without a sitemap, search engines can struggle to crawl your website properly. We suggest creating an XML sitemap. Once created, we suggest adding the link reference of that sitemap in the robots.txt file on the domain.

Recommended URL of the XML sitemap is – http://www.amosunglasses.com/sitemap.xml

We suggest adding the following tag at the end of the robots.txt file – Sitemap: http://www.amosunglasses.com/sitemap.xml

We suggest creating separate sections for Men and Women if possible. This will help visitors choose sunglasses according to their needs and also help bring in additional visitors to the website by encouraging Google to rank the site for more keywords (Female Sports Glasses for example).

In addition to this, we suggest creating separate sections for each sport if applicable to the product. Some people might not have clear idea which sunglasses they should be buying for running or cycling. This section will help them immensely and drive an increased amount of relevant and specific traffic.

For example:
Womens>Cycling Sunglasses
Womens>Triathlon Sunglasses
Womens>Running Sunglasses
Mens>Cycling Sunglasses
Mens>Triathlon Sunglasses
Mens>Running Sunglasses

Even if the same glasses would fit into multiple category’s, this is fine.
The sports issue has sort of been tackled already on your website but instead of making them a landing page, they could be specific product category pages

Here is an example of how the pages are now:


Here is an example of how the page could be:


Backlinks are the currency of the internet – they make the world wide web spin around. In order to effectively rank well in search engines, you need backlinks (as well as providing search engines with other signals).

If you wanted to rank for the term “sports sunglasses” then you need lots of great quality backlinks which will cost you some serious money. However, as highlighted in point 3 (above) you could also target a good number of more niche keywords. These will not only be easier to rank for but will also generate much more specific traffic than a slightly more generic search term like sports sunglasses.

You already have one or two very nice backlinks (for example – http://www.scmp.com/magazines/post-magazine/article/1525167/behind-label-amo) which will be helping your website rank. In order to rank better and for more keywords, you need a larger number of good backlinks.

We recommend looking out for opportunities to get backlinks within the industry as well as considering one of our link building packages. The most important thing to note here is that a link is NOT JUST a link. Unfortunately any old link wont do – there are over 1000 metrics that go into a good link so avoid link building software (and all the SEO emails you probably receive) like the plague.

A quick overview of some of the metrics that help make a good link can be seen here: http://mattjanaway.co.uk/what-makes-a-bad-or-unnatural-link-lets-talk-metrics/

If you are in a “sexy” niche, one of the quickest ways to drive traffic to your website is by building a social media following. Social media can provide you with a massive amount of visitors and if you play your cards right, you can turn followers into brand advocate.

Firstly, you have to think about the social media platforms that will work well for your product. Some will have advantages over others and you don’t want to spread your time too thinly by concentrating on platforms that might not yield results while platforms that should work well suffer.

In my opinion, you will benefit most by allowing prominent people in your niche access to your products. These people could be bloggers, sports people, magazines etc. Let them take hold of the product and test it. Encourage them to shout about the product as loud as they can on social media.

Then you should run a competition (share, like, retweet the competition post to enter the competition) or two and try to build a goody bag for the winner. Get the people you used to review the products in the above paragraph to spread the word about the competitions and new followers should start pouring in. Use hashtags like #giveaway, #competition etc to help people find the competition.

Recommended reading on building a Twitter audience:


Recommended reading on building a Linkedin audience:


Recommended reading on general social media growth:




We have a collection of social media packages that might help if you don’t have the time to get stuck in, you can find them here:


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