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Fix The Hitch: How to Increase Conversion Rate?

Driving loads of visitors to your website is not end of the job rather it is just the beginning. Unless your website manages to convert a good percentage of that traffic, your business will be struggling for ever. Now, as you can understand, there is no way you control the behavior or actions of the visitors. Or can you?

Converting a visitors does not have to be as complicated as sending a rocket to mars. It just needs a little bit of push and coercion to make people get subscribed to some lists, fill out a form or buy a product. However, there are certain factors that you need to remain aware of when it comes to ensure higher conversion rates.


It is a hard thing to influence the psyche of the users over internet. The window of time is too small to do some kind of virtual hypnotism; but if the site looks smart and the contents are intelligent then you have your first impression ready. May be an in-bound link or any reference of a fellow user bring another user to a site. There has to be a curiosity evoking element in the site that should intrigue the user to explore more. If s/he has come with a good feedback then the initial ‘breaking the ice’ part is done. If not then there are certain aspects that one should keep in mind.

Offer Free Trials

Many companies start their promotion with sample of their products. Online marketing can be done with that same idea. Give the user something that screams ‘free’ or ‘free trial’. These concepts go well with the users. Such trials are great for enhancing the conversion rate. The trial is not on the part of the user; it is actually on your part to try to meet the expected standards of the clients.

Catchy Phrases

The content of the site plays a very pivotal role in conversion. Small phrases, words can really do magic. Using innovative ideas rather than the dull ‘log in’ or ‘sign in’ one can induce better and catchy phrases. The way products or services described in the website, the featured content etc. everything is very important and a copywriter can really give some great support in the issues. The content should be pro-product. The introduction, the call for action phrases can really boost up the conversion rate.


The content comes rather late; what comes before it is the design of the site. And by that I refer to every minute detail of the site. From the colour of the button to the background everything must be considered. The content and the design should reflect the product or the service that the site is offering and everything must be distinct. Here split testing can be very helpful.

Easy to Use

Before creating the sign up from you should keep one thing in mind that it should have the comfortability. Do not induce unnecessary queries; it slows the process down. Too long a form can frustrate the user and can end the story there. Give them the option to sign up with their existing social network id or make the e-mail their user id. Simplifying the sign up process can increase the chances of success.

Keep Your Promise

But the final thing is keep your promise. One must meet the needs. Blank words will not take you far; after all it is about meeting your goals and that lies beyond ‘sign up’.

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