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So what is “Penguin”?

The Penguin algorithm targets websites with spammy link profiles. Defining “spammy” can be tricky as Google use a multitude of metrics to define web-spam. Some of these spammy tactics include keyword rich anchor text links, low quality directory links, excessive links from website footers, excessive sitewide links (on every page on the site), excessive links of a certain variety… It can be a minefield! This algorithm update has been the main cause for ranking declines over the last 3 years.

So how can VirtuouSEO help?

Random link removal will not solve the problem. In some of the worst cases we have seen, the situation may be worsened if you do not do enough research (or have the knowledge) before sending emails to webmasters asking for links to be removed. At VirtuouSEO, we do incredibly extensive research before sending link removal or link modifying emails so that your website can recover from the penalty faster and without damaging its rebuilding process. 

OK, tell me more about Penguin recovery!

This one of the most important stages of the process. We gather as much data as possible by using over 25 sources (such as Open Site Explorer, Google Webmaster Tools, MajesticSEO & more!) of gathering backlink information. We then collate all this information into a huge database showing every single link pointing to your website.

This is where the fun (and hard work) starts. We take all the data we gathered from the first stage and try to filter bad links out. We understand hundreds of metrics that we know Google look at when determining a spammy link and have used these metrics to build our own purpose-built software. The metrics we use even blow the minds of 99% of professional SEO’s!

Using the new data from stage two, we reach out to the owners and webmasters of the spammy websites linking to you. We encourage them to remove or modify the link/s. This stage sometimes takes a bit of convincing and a lot of elbow grease! The whole stage requires lots of note taking which will be needed for the next stage.

Once a link is removed, it is no longer a problem. What is a problem, however, is the links that can’t be removed. Sometimes website’s don’t have a contact form or any way to get in touch with the owners, sometimes the owners won’t remove the link. We have to make notes about how we contacted them, how many chances we gave them and their responses so we can pass this information on to Google when we ask for the penalty to be removed.

Now we should have a spreadsheet of all the links we can’t get removed (and why we can’t get them removed). We have to use a tool called “Disavow”. This is a tool that Google made to allow webmasters to tell Google to ignore certain links. We then feed in all the bad links we couldn’t get removed into the Disavow tool.

Now the work has been done, we have to ask Google nicely to have the penalty removed. We have done this literally hundreds of times and have mastered the art. We tell them about all the hard work, along with how and why we did what we did. We then show them the results, add any notes, explain why we disavowed some links and then confirm that the website now adheres to their quality guidelines.

This is the hardest part for website owners. There is no saying just how long this might take. On some occasions, we heard back from Google within a week. On others it can take a few months. We have to sit tight and trust that the work we carried out was enough to keep Google happy. As of yet, we have not been unsuccessful in getting a penalty removed.

Unfortunately, having the penalty removed is only half of the issue. Removing a bunch of links effectively reduces the strength of your backlink profile. Next on the list of things to do is to rebuild your backlink profile the right way!

Penguin Recovery Service

We are proud of our recovery record. Not only are our prices competitive but we have not yet failed in getting a penalty removed. Contact us to discuss your specific traffic decline.

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Why Choose VirtuouSEO?

  • Because we have successfully served a number of clients.
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  • We follow all the latest updates of the search industry.
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So, if you believe that your website has got affected by the recent Penguin update, do not waste your time anymore. Contact us to help you fix the issue. 

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